Hello everyone, my name is Jason and I’m the founder and creator of Holistic Fitness. 


I gained an interest in fitness from a young age which soon developed into a passion, since then I have dedicated myself to learn the most efficient and effective ways to gain lean muscle and burn stubborn fat through optimizing training and nutrition. 


I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 8 years. My approach is simple but highly effective. I use a results focused approach to get my clients amazing results but I also educate them so that their results last a life time.


I created Holistic Fitness to educate people to become they're absolute best. With my optimzed training, nutrition education and lifestyle coaching, I aim to give you more than just six pack abs.  

Are you looking to make a real change? Are you ready to take back your health? Create the life and body you have always dreamed of with my coaching...  

Like most people im sure you have spent many wasted hours in the gym, working out with no real structure or direction. To get the body you want as soon as possible you will need a program that is designed specificly for you. Dont waste your time, effort and money doing random exercises and buying foods that dont work towards your goal. Work with me and learn everything you need to finally get the body you have always dreamt of.


Dont workout harder, workout smarter. Make every second count and smash your goals ASAP. Whether you're a beginner or advanced trainee,  your dream physique is just around the corner.


Check out how some of my clients have smashed their goals while working alongside me.


How & Why I Can Help You

  • +8 Years Of Coaching Excellence

    Over the past 8 years I have done numerous courses and experimented with the most effective body sculpting strageties. With that 8 years of experience I have changed hundreds of lives using my methods.

  • Hundreds Of Clients Around the World

    Since starting my career in the fitness industry,  I have worked with all sorts of clients. Whether your goal is to build muscle, burn fat or take back your health, I have helped people smash that goal.

  • Results Focused Approach

    All training and nutrition programs are specific to the individual. I dont coach any two clients the same way, everyone is different and everyone needs a program that is specfic to them. All programs are completly customized to the individual and their goals to ensure maximum results as fast as possible. 

Here's your chance to be a part of a likeminded community of motivated friends


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