Anthonys Story


"I seeked some nutrition advice as I was very much going with the flow, with a limited education and understanding of the importance of food. I wanted to track my journey closely, with great control over the potential of progress. My intention was to get bigger, while successfully shedding the fat I had"

What Did You Achieve?



"I dropped over 8% bodyfat, and since then have effectively put on a good amount of muscle"

What Have You Learned Working With Jason?



"Training consistency is key, with necessary consumption of macros at specificpoints of the day being integral todiet. I also learnt huge amounts about the food that we eat, in terms of hidden fats, importance of protein, etc."

Would You Recommend Jason?



"Absolutely! My results speak to Jason’s commitment and ability to coach someone successfully to a goal. He tailors programs to suit the individual, which is an integral component of the service. A massive pro is Jason’s reliability. He is always there when you need him, and is willing to change macros whenever you need (due to injury, time off the gym, etc.)"

How Has Your Progress Changed Your Life?



"I am feeling stronger, functionally fitter and healthier than I have ever been. My self-confidence has greatly increased, with a great importance now being placed on personal health and wellbeing."


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