Lukes Story


"For so long I was so unhappy and uncomfortable in my own body, and I so often found comfort in food. It took me getting to the heaviest I’ve ever been to realise that I needed to make an active change.


I have tried in the past to get on top of my health and fitness using my own knowledge and finding my own information, but I consistently failed because I did not know what was wrong with my body, I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know where to look or what resources to trust - basically I had no idea what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be, therefore I gave up very quickly.


I realised I needed the help of a professional - not just a personal trainer, but a well-rounded lifestyle coach who could listen to what I wanted to achieve and understand my lifestyle and construct a programme that was detailed and manageable for me. I am thrilled to have found that in Jason"

What Did You Achieve?


"I am on a long journey, so I am by no means where I want to be yet, but I have already achieved so much. I have lost over 14kg and 12% body fat and am building muscle. But I also have achieved things I didn’t know I wanted or needed to: I have a completely different relationship with food - I no longer look to food for comfort, I find comfort in my health and happiness. I am also now finally in a completely different mindset. I am so thankful my new focus, diligence and discipline. I am much stricter with myself and the results have helped with staying focused"

What Have You Learned Working With Jason?


"I’ve learned almost everything I now know about training and nutrition that I don’t even know where to start. Learning about macros has been the most helpful for me, because I love that I can eat whatever I want as long as it stays within my daily macros. I’ve loved learning about the difference in nutrition and fitness for a cut and a bulk. But most importantly I've learned that you can still live your life, and do normal things like go out for dinner or have a couple of drinks and stay on track"

Would You Recommend Jason?



"Yes I would, I have and I will continue to. Firstly, you can’t argue with results. The proof has definitely been in the pudding for me. By following exactly what Jason and I have worked on together, I have been successful in losing 15kg and 12% body fat. Jason is extremely supportive in my journey, very encouraging but great at holding me accountable as well, he’s always there for me to ask any questions, and he goes far above and beyond what any other trainer I’ve heard of has done. He is much more like a life and lifestyle coach than just a trainer"

How Has Your Progress Changed Your Life?



"My mindset completely changed. I feel like my focus and discipline has completely evolved. Once I taught myself to stay on top of my progress and to hold myself accountable, it was much easier to keep on track. I feel happier in myself and more healthy, not as lethargic, and extremely motivated and striving for more. I see my fitness journey as a journey, and one that isn’t over yet and I feel like I’m constantly working towards something which is great"


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